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Very important!

We use your Epic Games username to identify and sync your Gamestrilla purchases, so it is very important that when you create your Gamestrilla account you change your Gamestrilla username to the same username you use on Epic Games.



A link to set a new password will be sent to your email address.

Tus datos personales se utilizarán para procesar tu pedido, mejorar tu experiencia en esta web, gestionar el acceso a tu cuenta y otros propósitos descritos en nuestra privacy policy.

Get 20% for each purchase made by your users or friends.

Access the coupon section in the User Area.

Create your Coupon.

Now you can to share your coupons with your users or friends.

You will be able to follow the earnings and withdraw your funds whenever you want!

How do Coupons work?


You have to generate your coupon with the desired configuration.


You can now copy the coupon and offer it to your users through your channels.


When your users apply the coupons in any of the Gamestrilla products, the 20% commission will automatically be applied to your coupon area. You will be able to see the tracking in the coupon in your Creator area.


You are in control of your Coupons!

Share the coupons the way you want, Gamestrilla will not put restrictions on how you should share the coupons. We recommend that you follow a strategy to also grow your channels and your audience.

From your Gamestrilla account, coupons section, coupon. In this section you will see the earnings of each coupon you have created.

From your Gamestrilla account, coupons section, withdraw funds.

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