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Version Beta

In the Beta version, only 5% of all the props we have and functionalities will be available.

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beta information

Know more about what's coming


Four specialists with different skills Two women and two men.


Eight tanks. Two unmanned drones. Remote control cars.


Map expansion, plus two new maps. And much more!

beta information

The beta and the final version will always be free.

The game in the free version is limited, but that does not prevent you from being able to play and have a pleasant experience. Payments are for new specialists, weapons, vehicles and special maps.

You won't lose anything you've purchased or earned in the beta. When I release the final version, everything will stay the same.

Go to the Store section within the game or on and choose the pack or packs.

Yes, everything you buy in a pack and the pack is this, marked for both versions. When will a pack not be for both versions? When due to limitations of the Android device we cannot offer the features for PC for the same price.

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