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I have been informed that in some multiplayer games you cannot get on a vehicle if you are not the user who created the game. I am investigating this problem, but I think it is due to the user's firewall, antivirus or router. I will report back with more information shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Nº 7 deploy tank. Nº 8 deploy drone.


Optimization, Sound, keys and much more!

Deploy Himars

Aim with crosshair and O key.

Nº 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Primary. Secondary, extra weapon, spawn mines and dron kamikaze Switchblade.


Key to switch between first person and third person.


Player run automatically

Alt to jump, if the space bar fails. Or change the jump key in settings.

  • 7 - Deployment tank.
  • X - Change camera, left mouse button, Zoom.
  • G - Smoke Countermeasures.
  • E - Exit the Tank.
  • 8 - Deployment drone.
  • Alt - Ascend.
  • Uppercase - Descend.
  • Left Mouse Button - Fire hellfire missile.
  • Aim the gun and press the letter O to call the Himars.
  • 5 - Deployment drone