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This game is developed by a single person, please be patient if I am late with any updates. Thank you
All users who have purchased the game in beta will not only get the game and its future updates, but will also get exclusive rewards in each update or season for only €6.99. The game in Beta version only costs €6.99, the price will be updated to €23.99 when it stops being Beta on 06/31/24.
Why a small beta version?
I decided to upload a small beta version so that users could try out the different mechanics and help optimize the game. In this way, users can also get involved in the development with their comments and see the progress of the game.

Create your screenshots with effects and share them!

Now you can create your screenshots and submit them to the Gamestrilla Screenshots channel on Discord to show off your art and earn free licenses! You can take screenshots from any screen in the game, but you can only send them to Discord, from the main game screen. F2 to open the screenshot system
I have opened the program for creators. Get a 20% commission on each purchase of your followers or friends! + information in the $ section.

Follow me on Discord and you will automatically enter the contest for an unlimited license for CoopValor 2056 Ukraine

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