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Windows Local and Push Notifications for Unreal Engine 5

Local Notifications

CmsTrillaNotifications is a plugin to launch Windows local and push notifications in multiple languages.

Launch notifications within the game wherever and however you want, when a user performs an action, for rewards, to provide information, to notify of new events, and much more.

Easy and without complex configurations. The plugin and files for Windows take care of everything!

Fast and easy!

You only have to configure the text, the image and decide when to launch the notification.

El plugin para Ue5, se encarga de avisar a los scripts de Windows de que lancé esa notificación, los scripts de Windows se encargan de todo y fuera del lilo del juego para una mayor optimización.

All Windows files and executables for each notification are distributed with the game build within the game folder.


No external downloads, all in the same game build.

Each notification.exe executable for local notifications has its own configuration files, which will be uploaded to your game and can be synchronized from your server so that the texts of each notification and image are always updated without having to upload an update. your game. The option to sync files with your server is optional for local notifications, if you do not want to activate it, the files will not be updated dynamically.

Push notifications are what you can launch outside the game to notify you of anything!


These notifications are launched from the CmsTrillaNotifications Windows scripts.

You will see that when you download the plugin, you will have several batch and vbs scripts. These scripts are responsible for updating the content for push notifications, creating a Windows task to check your server for new push notifications, configuring a Windows task to run push notifications when the user turns on their computer, and to configure everything necessary for notifications.


Fast and easy!

Neither you nor your users will have to configure anything in the Windows registry or configure tasks, since CmsTrillaNotifications takes care of everything for you.

No matter where the game is installed, the system will work outside of the default Epic Games installation folder.

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